Our Team

ABOUT Tracy Sherwood

Tracy Sherwood joined Pacific Studio in 2011 as a fabricator and soon became an Interactive and Lighting Specialist. In 2017, Tracy was promoted to Technical Services Manager after years of experience designing and fabricating custom electro-mechanical systems for hands-on and immersive experiences. As Technical Services Manager, Tracy oversees our team of specialists for interactives, lighting, AV, artifact mounts, and case fabrication. He studied Engineering and Design at Eastern Washington University and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Evergreen State College.


Our interactives team is dedicated to creating innovative mechanical, electrical and water interactives. They have first-hand knowledge of the importance of building working prototypes to test for intuitiveness, durability and ease of maintenance. They are always working on new interactive exhibits guaranteed to engage audiences of all ages.

Our interactive specialists: Stephen Chesney, Ben Dart, Tracy Sherwood,  Mac Perkins, and Dave Logan