Our Team

ABOUT Ryan Maskill

Ryan Maskill joined Pacific Studio as a fabricator in 2011, building exhibits for a wide variety of projects. He also worked in purchasing to manage transport and logistics. In 2015, Ryan was promoted to Wood Manager. As the manager of the wood shop, he is responsible for the success of all wood construction for each project in terms of materials, logistics, fabrication, and safety.  He takes pride in working with our carpenters to complete projects on time, on budget, and with excellent craftsmanship.


Our woodworking department comprises highly skilled carpenters who take pride in their craft. Each project has a designated lead who helps organize the team, enabling all team members to produce quality work with time and budget in mind. All of our woodworkers have extensive fabrication experience and truly enjoy the challenges involved in building oneof-a-kind environments.

Our woodworking team: Kevin Burke, Chris Dahl, Adam Holt, Grant Hawley, Peter Bruce, Jesse Johnson, Ryan Maskill, Ivory Harris, Ryan Astheimer, Paul Maupoux, Jules Park, Eric Christianson, Stephen Flume, Kevin Dowsett, Don Hill, Daniel Sincell, Sam Birchman, Dave Ackerman, Mark Dirnberger, Stephen Millett, Rob Sparks, Aaron Getzin, David Nelson, Eric Baumgartner, Mike Daly, and Jay Laiti