Our Team

ABOUT Karen McAuley

Karen McAuley has been with Pacific Studio since 2011 and has more than 14 years of experience within the graphics industry. As Graphics Manager, Karen is responsible for directing our graphics process and assignments, overseeing all aspects of each graphics production project within and outside our team. She directs our vendors to ensure high-quality graphics production and communicates with client creative services to make certain their design vision is properly represented within the abundant choices available for graphics methods and assemblies.


Our graphics department has extensive experience in the design and pre-press production of graphics for 3-dimensional environments. Our team can step in anywhere in the process, whether initially conceiving the look and feel of a design, acquiring and formatting images, choosing print methods and materials, designing small and large format layouts, prepping files for production or quality-checking the final product. Their design ingenuity and attention to detail is evident in each project.

Our graphics team: Amity Femia, Karen McAuley, Sandy Wing, Abby Kliger and Mia Tran