Our Team

ABOUT Jeremy Andersen

Jeremy Andersen joined Pacific Studio as a metal worker in 2004. He was promoted to Metal Manager due to his extensive experience with metal fabrication as well as his strong leadership ability, which is based on his belief that he works for his team to facilitate their needs. As Metal Manager, he creates a long-term plan for all projects that involve metal fabrication, choosing optimum fabrication methods to achieve the best product. Jeremy is not only a strong leader but also a strong team member. You can often spot him in the metal shop, gracefully raising his ten-pound deadblow hammer into the air and swiftly bringing it down with deafening force to manipulate a piece of metal. Working side-by-side with his team, Jeremy has confidence in their skills, creativity and ability to find the best solutions for each project.


Members of our metalworking department have extensive experience in producing exhibits and interactives. They use a variety of fabrication methods, such as welding, bending and plasma cutting. This team also includes skilled technicians who have the ability to create elaborate metal parts with our 3D CNC machine.

Our metalworking team: Craig Kuehnert, Rachel Blowen, Rob Hinds, Jed Deering, Maria Wallace, Riley Forster, Rick Rollins, and Jeremy Andersen