User-testing a prototype before an interactive is installed onsite can mean the difference between a successful exhibit and an ineffective experience. At Pacific Studio, we have a team dedicated to the production of mechanical, electrical, and water interactives; a large part of their job involves creating working prototypes. This allows us to review the interactive for intuitiveness, durability, and ease of maintenance. We often test our working prototypes with target audience groups, bringing in participants from the projected age group to interact with exhibit elements and to see if they are a hit.

When I make a design/build choice, I rely to a huge extent on the fabricator to be able to arrive at solutions that balance the right sort of materials, product and process with the design vision. I can’t have doubts as to their ability to deliver the design integrity I require, and I trust Pacific Studio to do that."

Seth Frankel

Principal at Studio Tectonic
Designer & Creative Leader for Museums Exhibits & Cultural Institutions

Our project partners are an important part of the prototyping process. We use photos and videos to keep clients up to date on the progress of exhibits. We also invite clients to visit our shop during the prototyping process so they can test interactivity and functionality firsthand. All of these sources provide critical feedback that allows us to adjust and refine the interactives before building the final product.