Mechanical & Electromechanical Interactives

Our interactive specialists know what it takes to engage people. Visitors to our shop love to spend time in our interactive department to see what magic is at play. From engineering movable ailerons on a model airplane to transforming a stationary exhibit into a moving wonder, our mechanical and electromechanical experts are always working on something fun. The durability of interactive experiences is key to a project’s success, so our specialists ensure that each design is robustly built, easy to maintain, and user-tested for impact and longevity. All of our interactive experiences are fabricated for universal access, so everyone can enjoy these magical moments time after time.

I recently had a project with a lot of complex mechanical interactivity. Pacific Studio took my functionality descriptions and ideas about materials and came back with some very innovative material suggestions and design improvements. The product of our collaboration was so thoughtfully concepted and intelligently engineered that it ended up being one of the exhibit highlights."

Seth Frankel

Principal at Studio Tectonic
Designer & Creative Leader for Museums Exhibits & Cultural Institutions