Exhibit Fabrication + Installation

Science Spectrum – The Brazos River Journey

The Brazos River Journey at Science Spectrum in Lubbock, Texas, is a 5,000-square-foot permanent exhibition showcasing the Brazos River ecosystem, from its origins in the Texas panhandle to the marshlands near the Gulf of Mexico. Our interactive specialists created more than 28 interactive exhibits, including a visitor-controlled underwater camera, a periscope, internally lit zoetropes, and a series of magnifiers, sliders, and electromechanical interactive displays. When a visitor turns handles in the proper sequence on the Swim Like a Fish exhibit (mimicking how a fish propels itself through water), the model fish can grab the “bait.” Our prototyping experts took the interactive displays through a series of iterations to get just the right effect, then tested and reviewed them with the owner and designer before initiating final construction.