Exhibit Fabrication + Installation

Mark Twain Boyhood Home Museum

The Mark Twain Boyhood Home charts Samuel Clemens’ developmental years in Hannibal, Missouri. Evoking the history of Twain’s boyhood home through period-appropriate interactives, artifacts, and excerpts from his writing allows museum visitors to discover for themselves the forces that fuelled Twain’s writing.

Pacific Studio’s in-house sculptor created seven life-size sculptures of Mark Twain using fiberglass-reinforced gypsum. Another important part of the exhibit for the Mark Twain Boyhood Home was the construction of a phenakistoscope, an early animation device that used a spinning disk of sequential images to create an illusion of motion. We also provided graphics, artifact mounts, cabinetry, and interactives, integrating all of these components throughout the exhibit space for a cohesive experience of the great American author.