Exhibit Fabrication + Installation

American Memorial Park

The exhibits at the World War II Memorial in Garapan explore pre-war Saipan, preparing for battle, the battle for the Marianas, and post-war Saipan. The exhibits encompass a wide variety of interpretive media, including large scale photomurals, artifact cases, a topographic relief map, props, audiovisual components, and theatrical lighting.

As visitors enter the main gallery, they trip a motion detector that triggers battle audio, immersing them in the sounds of yelling (in both English and Japanese) and gunfire. Our work on the project also includes a cave scene focusing on the natives of Saipan, many of whom hid in caves for protection. As you enter the cave you hear ambient audio of a mother comforting her young daughter, with authentic local contributions to the audio content. Many of the people involved in the recordings were descendants of those who took refuge in the caves.

Pacific Studio sent a staff of nine onsite for the six-week installation, ensuring the best possible quality and experience for visitors to the American Memorial Park.