Pacific Studio is a nationally recognized creator of exhibits.

With 100+ skilled technicians and the highest standards in design, fabrication, and craftsmanship, we are dedicated to our craft and proud of our impeccable results.

Our Team

  • Brian Henn

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mac Perkins

  • Julie Chesledon

    Design/Build Director & Team
  • Marc Burns

    Business Development Director
  • Traci Thomas

  • Kevin Belcher

    Senior Estimator
  • Steve Smith

  • Jesse Johnson

    Production Director
  • Mark Buchanan

    Engineering Director & Team
  • Dawn Simon

    Project Manager
  • Jon Harmon

    Project Manager
  • Michael Graham

    Project Manager
  • Scot Hoffman

    Project Manager
  • Julia Swan

    Design/Build Project Manager
  • Adam Doody

    Project Manager
  • Marc Dirnberger

    Project Manager
  • Karen McAuley

    Graphics Manager & Team
  • Jeremy Andersen

    Metal Manager & Team
  • Ryan Maskill

    Wood Manager & Team
  • Tracy Sherwood

    Technical Services Manager & Team
  • Rosa Castaneda

    Artifact Mount Maker